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Leaside Landscaping offers a range of residential and commercial landscape design services, from touch-up planting for existing gardens, to design only, to designing

and building from scratch. 


Our highly-qualified designers will listen carefully before guiding you through the concept stages so that the garden reflects your aspirations,

practical needs and budget.



Initial Consultation

Our process begins with a consultation with one of our professional landscape designers. This initial meeting is to discuss your goals and, with the designers input, begin to develop a vision for your ideal garden.


Site Analysis

The designer takes on-site measurements and elevations, photos and records a site review including layout of property, slope, drainage concerns, existing plant inventory etc.


Concept Plan

The designer will develop an initial concept plan. This plan will provide an overview of the project including functional areas, plant masses and hardscape. You’ll meet to review it and make any revisions required.


Landscape Plan

A landscape plan is drawn upon approval of the concept plan. It illustrates the layout of plantings and hardscape, as well as a listing of plant material, sizes and quantities, specifications for hardscape materials and construction details. Itemized costing for each component of the plan is also provided at this stage. 

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